Hi, I’m Colleen! I’m a mother of 2 and celebrated my 21st wedding anniversary in August, 2015! I grew up with my older sister and two younger brothers in a small town in Pennsylvania called Spruce Creek. We were surrounded by nothing but mountains, creeks and every sort of creepy crawly, growling, howling, slithering, and swimming creatures you can think of. We owned horses, a pony, a dog, rabbits, goats, chickens, a cow named Mercy (because we saved him from the butcher), and every other miscellaneous animal us kids felt like ‘saving’ on any given day. My first job was as a tour guide at Indian Caverns (yay, more creepy crawlies and blind flying things)! Needless to say I was a country girl. Shoes were optional after school and clothing purchases were made solely on the basis of what was comfortable for riding horses and climbing barn rafters and stacks of hay. So you can imagine the life-changing whirlwind I went through, when in 2007 I gave birth to the biggest shoe-loving, accessory-obsessed, dress-up-just-to-go-to-McDonalds little girl I’ve ever known. Suddenly my eyes were opened to all things girl. I was just starting my photography business when Marisa was born and quickly found that photographing women in any setting, whether it be their wedding day or a casual session, was the most enjoyable part of my business. I love working with people and I especially love the boost of self-confidence our portrait experience provides. Everyone is beautiful, sometimes we just need to be reminded!